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Graphic Design infused with Pride.

In 1987, a significant life changing event propelled me out of a catholic seminary and into the automotive business; the school in which I spent twenty five years learning to build relationships, and all I could about the ins and outs of the dealership world.

In 2012, after 25 years of living in the dealership world, after another life catapulted me into the digital marketing agency world; and so it was born the company named ZigSwift.

This journey of owning and operating a marketing company has been exciting,
and it has also been challenging. All in all, the experiences lived along the way have been highly rewarding.

As I look back to the place where I started, I am reminded of what the name ZigSwift means: change directions and be nimble about it.


Title Hover Effect

Graphic Design infused with Pride.

Since 1987, the auto industry has changed significantly:
access to information, the convenience for car buyers to compare prices by clicking “request a quote” on multiple dealerships’ websites; the behavioral transformation caused by Covid 19, which made everyone very comfortable to connect online instead of having an in person conversation with a salesperson or a service advisor; these plus the continuous advances in technology have been the drivers of the seismic shifts of the automotive world.

The explosion of the digital ecosystem over the last three decades, It has brought about thousands of dealerships into the digital marketing arena.

If you were an early adopter, you would have enjoyed the ease of increasing sales volumes and the gains of considerable market share.

I was fortunate enough to be one of those pioneers. Even more fortunate was the fact that I was surrounded by a group of people who embraced the change in direction.

The open mindedness of the men and women with whom I worked from 2008 to 2012, and the focus which we placed in becoming digital retailers earned us all distinction in the industry; a story about our success in the pages of digital dealer magazine; we made the list of Top 100 dealers in the USA; and for me, it gave me the fuel to secure a visit with the man who inspired it all, Mr. Zig Ziglar.

The experience of it all is what allowed me to launch ZigSwift in the fall of 2012.

Moment of Truth .

Title Hover Effect

Graphic Design infused with Pride.

Drive Integrity.
Honest Product. Honest Service. Honest Quality.

Fast forward the tape.

Today, the summer of 2023, what I see is the need to Drive Integrity into the digital marketing arena.

Today, after eleven years of living in the advertising agency space, I know first hand about the convolution and confusion created by thousands of “digital marketing” agencies; all done to squeeze every dollar they can, as quickly as they can from dealers who simply trust Big Brands, or from the dealers which have to do business with “factory preferred” digital vendors.

It is undeniable that there are too many agencies, too many “new products’ which are not new at all, too many fancy terms and acronyms designed to dazzle or perplex dealers; and too many companies profiting by scaling their operations; which simply means squeezing every dollar out of one employee or simply automation of products and services.

All of the aforementioned leads to one place; the knowledge that there is very little competitive advantage from one dealer to the next when both of them are doing the same thing: Google ads, Facebook ads; SEO, email marketing, third party advertisers, tik tok ads; and the greatest and latest: AI.

What do I see as the biggest need of the digital marketing industry today?

The same need shoppers have had since the beginning of the retail industry.

Honest products. Honest service. Honest quality.

Drive Integrity.

Title Hover Effect

Graphic Design infused with Pride.

This is and will forever be my goal and, by default, the goal of anyone working by my side.

Till the end of its days ZigSwift will continue to exist, to ensure our clients are getting what they were promised by the agencies managing their advertising.

Our offer to our customers is simple:
Customized service and highly personalized attention.

How will we achieve this?

By serving only a select group of clients;
and by infusing in every interaction, in our products, and our services,
the essence of Integrity, Commitment, Excellence.


Juan Teran

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Thank you.

My motivation.

Adding Value.

Title Hover Effect

Graphic Design infused with Pride.

We are an ethical team
extremely focused on making sure our customers feel
how much we care about guarding the trust placed on our expertise.

By definition, we are marketers. We are creative.
We like to tell our customers stories; that one thing which makes them unique.

Why the need to tell “your story”?

Because we believe that if it is told and shown transparently,
your ideal customers will engage; and as long as what we present to them is real,
we know they will stay; return if they leave, and/or refer you to others.

To this end, all our contributions.

And now that you have reviewed this information,
would you consider visiting with us over a video conference
to see if there’s a fit to work together?

If so, please allow us to contact you to schedule a visit.
Simply share with few dates and times that would work for you,
and we will make it a point to follow up.

Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to meeting you in person.


ZigSwift Team™
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